Preparation Solution

In biological pharmaceutical plants, more than 50% of operations are mixing or hydration, thus a mixing vessel for the preparation of cell media and buffers needed, which can mix products during intermediate storage steps or even during virus clearance process. Over the past decade, the single-use conditioning system has gradually replaced traditional stainless steel containers in biopharmaceutical factories. 

With the commercial production of more and more drugs, the single-use conditioning system which can cover the whole volume becomes more and more important. The single-use magnetic mixing equipment, auto-overhead mixing equipment and feeding system provided by LePure can perfectly solve all the problems in the conditioning process. The customized solutions can meet your unique needs and better serve your process technology. 

Our single-use equipment system can significantly reduce investment and operating costs for customers and reduce the cost for cleaning validation of production equipment and processes, as well as the daily consumption of detergents, water and steam. It helps reduce the risk of contamination and cross-contamination, reduce misoperation, help customers improve the safety of products/processes, and benefit the protection of operators and the environment. We offer a complete set of single-use equipment that facilitates easy integration and customization in upstream and downstream process workflow.

Our Advantage

Quality and flexibility

• Complete quality system verification

• Innovative system and R&D platform

• The equipment is easy to use and can realize functional integration

Design efficiency

• Completely ergonomic component design

• Compact structure and simple configuration

• Easy-to-use program design

Full support

• Provide documentation and perfect after-sales services

• Telephone, video and door-to-door technical support

• Comprehensively meet customer requirements

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