Application and Solution

The Single Use System (SUS) has been widely used in the biopharmaceutical field. After years of R&D and market feedback, LePure can provide mature commercial portfolio solutions based on customer requirements of biological process, which comprehensively cover every unit operation in the whole biological pharmaceutical process from upstream cell culture to downstream purification to final filling. 

The mature commercial portfolio solutions help customers reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. The single-use technology has been proven to be robust and scalable for applications ranging from laboratory to cGMP production scale, including single-use bags and accessories, single-use equipment systems and fluid management portfolio. 

The mature commercial portfolio solutions include liquid storage solutions, conditioning solutions, liquid transmission solutions, single-use cell culture process solutions, bulk dispensing system, filling system, risk assessment and validation. Our products and platform solutions fully meet your laboratory and bioprocess needs, maximize your upfront R&D and cleaning input, shorten the production cycle, increase flexibility, and speed up the process of drug development and marketing.

Application Scenario


Biopharmaceutical field

The service scope covers monoclonal antibody, vaccine, cell therapy and other biopharmaceutical customers


Life cycle of concomitant drugs

the products suitable for R&D, pilot and commercial production


process solution

Covering upstream cell culture, downstream separation and purification, sterilization and filtration

Highly Customized Solutions

Our Advantage


Highly customized to meet different bioprocess requirements of customers, including product size, location and number of interfaces, brand of tubing, operating system of equipment and other accessories.

Supply chain

The steady supply chain can ensure the continuous supply of raw materials and reduce the difference between batches. The customer requirements can be responded quickly in a very short period of time.

Technical support

Professional pre- and after-sales technical support for various ways of problem consultation and technical maintenance to minimize the risk of use, maximize the efficiency of the product mix and improve customer experience.