Powder weighing bag

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Meet the requirements of drug packaging materials for medicinal LDPE bags (class I) in direct contact with drugs

Sealing type: cable tie/sealing clip/sealing machine seal

Endotoxin standard: <0.25 EU/mL

Film production environment: Grade A, Packaging environment B+A

Technical specification
Material LDPE
Operating temperature Operating temperature: 0~37℃
Sterilization method Gamma ray irradiation sterilization (25-40 kGy)
Specification 2D customizable 50 g-50 kg and 3D customizable 10 kg-100 kg
Package size 100pcs/bag, single-layer packaging, 5 small bags in a large bag

Ordering information

Powder weighing bag

2D 0.08 mm Package size
YC2-1115 110 X 150 mm 250 g 100/bag
YC2-3050 300 X 500 mm 10 kg 50/bag
YC2-4570 450 X 700 mm 50 kg 50/bag
3D 0.09 mm
YC3-2365 110 X 150 mm 235 X 235 X 650 mm 25 kg
YC3-2975 290 X 290 X 750 mm 50 kg 10/bag



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