Preparation Solutions

Rapid filling in aseptic environment involves the filling accuracy and filling quality required by users, which is a crucial part of drug production. The single-use filling system can increase the effective production time, shorten the downtime of the filling machine and related equipment, thus can improve production efficiency and save costs for enterprises. LePure single-use filling solution enables the end user to complete the filling process with higher reliability and flexibility while ensuring product quality.

Our Advantage

Quality and flexibility

• Complete quality system verification

• Innovative system and R&D platform

• The equipment is easy to use and can realize functional integration

Design efficiency

• Completely ergonomic component design

• Compact structure and simple configuration

• Easy-to-use program design

Full support

• Provide documentation and perfect after-sales services

• Telephone, video and door-to-door technical support

• Comprehensively meet customer requirements

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