Liquid Storage and Transportation

In the whole biological process, the storage and transportation of liquid is also very important. LePure Biotech can provide a complete system of transportation and storage solutions to support the needs of liquid handling in the production process, to meet the requirements of transportation and loading and unloading, with 2D and 3D storage bags ranging from 5 mL to 2500 L, as well as supporting containers and transport equipment. 

The single-use bags produced by LePure are mainly made of 0.325 mm five-layer co-extruded film. With good physical strength, chemical compatibility and biological compatibility, the film is suitable for 2D and 3D storage bags and can meet the storage and transport needs of various solutions in the biopharmaceutical process. In addition, we can also provide a complete set of transfer tools, such as round plastic drums, folding plastic square boxes, plastic pallets and  material transfer trucks, etc.

Single-use bag with 5-PE film

The 5-PE film used by LePure to produce the single-use systems is specialized for pharmaceutical processes, and LePure has complete research documentation of this film for the biopharmaceutical process applications. The perfect production process and strict quality control ensure that consistent product quality assurance from batch to batch. 

5-PE film consists of LDPE-TIE-EVOH-TIE-ULDPE from outside to inside. The innermost layer is the liquid contact layer. The ULDPE material, with good physical properties and chemical compatibility, can withstand a lot of chemical substances and polar solvents (alcohols, esters). At high temperature, it has a certain tolerance to non-polar solvents (hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons) and very low water adsorption.

Structural composition of 5-PE film

Five-layer co-extruded film

• Thickness: 0.325 mm

• Liquid contact layer: ULDPE

• Low precipitation/dissolution


Material descriptionRecommended product applications
LDPE/EVOH/ULDPEIt is recommended for the preparation, storage and transport of protein-containing solutions such as culture medium at temperatures ranging from -80°C to +60°C

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