Fluid Management Solutions

In biopharmaceutical processes, the liquid transmission system consists of a number of components that could provide users with economical, reliable and convenient solutions for upstream and downstream biological processes and applications, and can be used to connect single-use consumables and equipment. The products include sealer/welder, Leclean pass system, single-use assembly system, PendoTECH single-use sensor, CPC quick connector and aseptic connector, Nordson ValuePlastic connector, LIVEO, Le-Flex TPE and stainless-steel accessories. We can highly customize products according to the customer’s biological processes and can seamlessly integrate the fluid transmission products.

Our Advantage

Customized solutions

• Highly customized products according to different biological processes and applications of customers to perfectly meet customer requirements

Risk reduction

• Reduce the experimental risk in the biological processes, save the sterilization cost by avoiding additional validation and reduce the risk of misoperation

Lean solutions

• One-stop shopping of the single-use fluid management products series saves your valuable time and cost, and simplifies your product ordering process

Product Portfolio