Devices for Single-use Consumables

The single-use equipment system of Lepure biotech production can significantly reduce the investment cost and operation cost for customers, reduce the investment in cleaning verification of production equipment and process, and also reduce the consumption of daily detergent, water and steam. It helps to reduce the risk of pollution and cross contamination, reduce misoperation, help customers improve the safety of products / processes, and is conducive to the protection of operators and the environment. We provide a complete set of single-use equipment to facilitate integration and customization in the upstream and downstream process workflow. You can easily configure and standardize the specific process by using single-use magnetic mixing system, Aseptic welder.

Our Advantage

Aseptic sealer, Leclean pass system, Bulk dispensing system and other related accessories, so as to realize rapid conversion and easy use.

Complete quality system verification

Adopt innovative system and R & D platform

The device is simple and easy to use and can realize function integration“

design efficiency

component design is fully ergonomic

Compact structure and simple configuration

Easy to use programming“

All round support

provide use documents and perfect after-sales service

Telephone, video and on-site technical support

Meet the needs of customers in all aspects“

Supply chain guarantee

Lepure's cooperation with suppliers, quality agreement and supply contract are strongly guaranteed. For the customer's customized demand, it can quickly respond in a very short time, purchase, arrive, assemble (optional), and deliver to the customer in time after passing the test. In the process of using, customers can get a lot of file system support and all-round technical support from single-use fluid management products, which makes customers feel more at ease

Continuous quality assurance

A strong supply chain can ensure the continuous supply of raw materials and reduce the difference between batches. Ensure the stability of product quality to the greatest extent.

Change control

Adhere to the principle of material science and quality comes from design (QBD). For disposable fluid management series products, we have established a set of management processes and specifications to control the differences between products in an acceptable range.

Long term business continuity

Stable supply chain and strict change control, Lepure's refinement of product management make our cooperation with suppliers more stable and efficient. At the same time, customers can purchase from Lepure to highly customized products that perfectly match the demand in the shortest time.

Outstanding product quality

The integrity of single-use closed system is very important. Lepure tested our bags through the pressure attenuation test provided in ASTM F2095-01, and carried out relevant leakage test on 2D and 3D bags in a safe, fast, simple and reliable way, and kept the system sterile during the test process.

Production base guarantee

Lepure biotech has several single-use production bases, with an annual production capacity of 800000 sets of single-use products. The overall environment of the clean workshop of single-use system in Lingang New Factory is grade C, partial grade a laminar flow, and ultra clean cleaning and ultra clean assembly services are provided to ensure product quality.

Lepure has 10 years of experience in producing single-use solutions and is your best partner. We will provide the most reliable, economical and safe solution for all your process steps and applications. You can take full advantage of our experience and single-use solutions to accelerate product time to market, improve manufacturing flexibility and reduce costs.