Cell Culture Solutions

SUS involved in the upstream pharmaceutical process mainly includes single-use bioreactor, medium configuration system, storage bag, filter, aseptic connector, aseptic disconnector, welder, sealer, aseptic transfer, tubing, refrigeration equipment and sampling system. The cell growth and target product expression is the core of the upstream and the single-use bioreactor is the most important SUS in the upstream. For cell culture, an important part of the biopharmaceutical process, LePure can provide single-use stirring bioreactor, which can be used for the research and development of antibody drugs and vaccines. We can also provide single-use sterile sampling bags, centrifugal bottles and bags and other services for cell culture and provide a complete set of single-use process solutions for your upstream cell culture. 

Our single-use bioreactor can significantly reduce investment and operating cost for customers and reduce the cost by avoiding cleaning validation of production equipment and processes, as well as the daily consumption of detergents, water and steam. It helps reduce the risk of contamination and cross-contamination, reduce misoperation, help customers improve the safety of products/processes, and benefit the protection of operators and the environment. We offer a complete set of single-use equipment that facilitates easy integration and customization in upstream process workflow.

Our Advantage

Quality and flexibility

• Complete quality system verifciation

• Innovative system and R&D platform

• The equipment is easy to use and can realize functional integration

Design efficiency

• Completely ergonomic component design

• Compact structure and simple configuration

• Easy-to-use program design

Full support

• Provide documentation and perfect after-sales services

• Telephone, video and door-to-door technical support

• Comprehensively meet customer requirements