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Company Profile

LePure was established in 2011,
is China’s pioneering high-tech company to work on bio-technology and produces new-type disposable products in pharmaceutical industry and testing equipment research, production and sales.

In order to keep pace with the high growth of biological generic pharmaceutical industry, our company specializes in the development and production of disposable biological pharmaceutical equipment and consumables, strives to make the disposable technology domestically made.

The company has a number of disposable products related patent technologies. The products are used for storage, transport, filling and leak detection of all kinds of samples in biological generic pharmaceutical, vaccine and other biological pharmaceutical processes. It has multiple advantages, such as safety, reliability, easy verification, cost reduction and environmental protection, so as to help biotechnology and pharmaceutical enterprises to better meet new GMP, environmental protection and EHS requirements.

We mainly produce single-use liquid storage bags and related biopharmaceutical equipments. The single-use liquid storage bag use a five-layer co-extruded film with the thickness of 0.325mm, which is suitable for 2D liquid storage bag, 3D liquid storage bag, mixing bag, bioreactor bag, weighing bag, feeding bag, etc. Good physical strength, chemical compatibility and biocompatibility meet the storage and transport needs of various solutions in biopharmaceutical processes. These also can be equipped with a complete set of transport tools, such as round plastic buckets, plastic folding square boxes, plastic trays, material transfer vehicles, feeding vehicles, freeze-thaw shells and so on.

We has a professional R & D team to develop a variety of equipments. Such as,aseptic sealer, aseptic welder, and single-use magnetic-driven mixing system. Now single-use magnetic-driven mixing system is highly praised by customers, which is a modular system with rigid support system, drive system, weighing system, control system, data output system and sensors, etc. So customers can choose according to their nees.The mixing device is widely used in medium configuration, buffer configuration, purification intermediate mixing treatment and semi-finished product preparation.

Aseptic sealer machine is compatible with all common specifications TPE tubing, and is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum housing for use in clean areas. Aseptic sealer machine is mainly used for pre-sterilization of sterilization filter and tubing kit, aseptic disconnection of feeding bag TPE tubing, aseptic disconnection of sampling bag TPE tubing, raw liquid storage or aseptic disconnection of transfer bag TPE tubing. Our aseptic welder is used to aseptically weld two thermoplastic tubing into one, it can weld 3/4 inch thermoplastic tubing. At present, our company has studied a new aseptic welder , which can weld with liquid.

Our company also sells single-use accessories products: US PendoTECH sensors, mainly single-use pressure sensors, UV sensors, conductivity sensors, flow meters, etc. Nordson connector, RQ series and various plastic connectors. Dow Corning pharmaceutical grade silicone tubing designed to better transport and fill high purity liquids, gases and vapors. We are affordable of single-use solutions for biopharma, so to provide high-quality services to our customers.